Delicious and uniquely prepared breakfast picnic baskets are offered each morning.  Baskets are available for pick-up between 8am and 9:30am in our kitchen which is adjacent to our breakfast room, dining room (with fire place), and beautiful side porch with plenty of individual tables and chairs for two.  Many guests also also enjoy bringing their baskets to their room, our pool area, or the beach.  

We change up the menu for the baskets each day.  Baskets are overflowing with fresh fruit, flavored Greek yogurt or yogurt parfaits, hard boiled eggs, breakfast sandwiches, grilled muffins, pastries, and even a small snack, etc.  All menu items are fresh and either prepared in our kitchen or locally baked. An assortment of fresh juices are available, as well as we have coffee, tea, and hot coco available at our cafĂ© bar throughout the day.  We provide plates (not paper) and silverware (not plastic) in the baskets as well.  Some items are provided in canning jars or bowls.  Pastries and breakfast sandwiches are individually wrap.  We take care to offer up and ensure our baskets are extra special.  

Over the years our breakfast has evolved, so if you have not stayed in a while you are in for a treat.  Our breakfast baskets have been our #1 compliment recently.  One guest recently commented, "It was far different from what I had imagined and far better than expected."  Guest also compliment us on the amount of food offered, the ability to keep uneaten food for later snacking, and our variety offered each morning.  For multiple night stays, to keep it interesting, we change what is offered in the baskets a little each day of the week.